Film is one of the most important mediums used in the world, it can reach so many people across the globe and can carry a valuable message.


An story about a superhero who seeks the help of a young boy to make both their dreams come true (2017)


Generation BE: Rosie Garthwaite

An interview with Emmy award winning, Rosie Garthwaite (2016)


Generation BE: Lynette Linton

An interview with theatre maker Lynette Linton (2016)

How to be Funny

Created by Group B from the Met Film School's 2015 Young Filmakers Academy

LiFE Evolved: The US Gallery

Week 1 at the Us gallery during LiFE Evolved


The Making of LiFE Evolved

The setting up of LiFE Evolved at Summerhall, Edinburgh (2015)



What happens when egg whites, sugar, mango and one hour of culinary magic come together? it’s pavlovely (2014)

Generation BE: Lynette Linton

The magnificent story of the rice fields, humble farmers and magical grains that keep billions of people alive around the world every day. (2014)

Drops of Water

In a village in Bali, Indonesia, a group of people came together to create something that made a difference. (2013)


1966 Guide to Basic Home Cooking

After losing his father, Jacques is a depressed, Parisian boy. One day, cleaning his father's study, he finds a book that takes him on an adventure.

A village in Bali, a group of kids got together to make this inspiring music video about the importance of organic cotton. (2012)