This picture here is from my first time ever onstage, I was 5 years old and I loved it!

Sept 2016-June 2017:

Questors Youth Theatre

Looking at character development, as well as different forms of comedy and drama. Ended with a showcase on a profession set. Performed in a sketch to do with questioning sexuality based of an excerpt of Jonathan Harvey's 1993 play, 'Beautiful Thing'

Jan-March 2016:

I'm Spilling My Heart Out

Part of the National Theatre's Connections 500 program. Played the main role of Karen, and got the amazing opportunity to perform on the Tricycle Theatre stage, Kilburn. I also designed the props the highlight of which included a set of handmade colourful organs (large intestines, 2 hearts, a liver, and kidneys)

Sept-Dec 2015:

David Game Talent Show

Co-produced and marketed the show, including: lighting, holding auditions, and designing the posters, and certificate.
Also won first place with a comedy duo sketch

Feb-April 2015:

Spiral Club Show

Produced and directed the Spiral Club (after school village progrram) children in an end of year performance. Designed and created all costumes.

The show comprised of a mixture of 3 dance routines, 2 druming groups, and a drama performance about trees.

Jan-Mar 2014:

Les Choriste

Played the lead role of Clement Mathieu, a choir teacher, in an English adaption of the 2004 film.

In addition to this, was asked to design and paint the set

Jan-June 2014:

You Game

'when word gets out that a schoolboy has died suddenly, an entire year group spontaneously skives school to remember him. But who remembers Lucas really? By Natalie Mackinnon'
Played the eldest student Diana with Strangetown Theatre Company, Edinburgh.

Sept-Dec 2013:

The Dark Hand Over Onion Street

'Malevolent forces have a hold over the young inhabitants of Onion Street. Will Christmas ever be the same again? By Sam Siggs.'
Played in the ever changing ensemble cast from a street lamp to the evil Krampus with Strangetown Theatre Company, Edinburgh

April-May 2011:

The Unfolding


April-May 2011:

The Tempest

Played in the youth ensemble of ariel with a side part as Iris, the rainbow goddess

Sept-Dec 2010:

Rain Dance

A crisis faces the animals of the African savannah. Their waterhole is almost dry and a leader is desperately needed to find a solution before they are wiped out. At the hustings, the bullying and corrupt lion, Tau, is elected, but proves to be a disaster. In despair, the animals turn to the fleet-footed hare, Roli, for help.
Played a Meerkat in a troup of 9 meekats

Jan-Mar 2010

Conference of the Birds

The tale tells the story of a group of birds who leave their corrupt world to embark on a long journey to find a king. The wise hoopoe suggests that they go and find the mysterious symorgh, rumored to be the ultimate king of birds. This takes the birds through 7 valleys but will all of them make it out alive?
Firefly Youth Ensemble’s colourful adaptation of Faird Ud Din Attar Classic Conference of the Birds ran as a school’s tour at International Schools in Bali as well as performing at the Bali Bird Park.
Shared the lead role of the Ho0poe with 2 others.

Aug-Oct 2009:

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Played a fairy in the youth ensemble in theatre fireFLY's version of Shakespeare's classic tale.



Additional Training with:

Sep 2017-

Aerial Silks training and conditioning

Sep 2013-June 2014

Jazz and Ballet Training with Morningside Dance Academy, Edinburgh

April-June 2016

Youth Theatre with the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, looking more at physical theatre and character development

Feb-June 2012

Jazz and Ballet training and the American Academy of Dance, Paris (AADP)

Sept-March 2016

Youth theatre with the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Concluded with a sharing where skills were shared around physical theatre, and verbatim theatre.

Sept-Dec 2011

Contemporary Dance Training, Dance Asia

Feb-June 2012

Acting for  film. Billingual Actor's Workshop, Paris

Jul-Sept 2011

Physical theatre and twelfth night monologue training. Bali, Indonesia

Sept-Dec 2010

ArtsEd Saturday School: Chiswick, London